The learners at Sherwood Park have various syndromes and disabilities. To date, these are the various syndromes encountered by the learners at our school:




A type of cerebral palsy characterised by abnormal and involuntary writhing of the limbs.

Down's Syndrome

This is caused by an abnormality of the 21st chromosome.  Depending on the abnormality, it manifests in one of three ways:
* Trisomy 21
* Translocation
* The mosaic form of the syndrome
Also known as mongolism, it is associated with severe mental handicap and characteristic clinical symptoms.


A group of conditions characterised by a sudden disturbance or change in brain function as a result of excessive and disordered electrical activity or the nerve cells of the brain.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

A syndrome caused by the excessive use of alcohol during pregnancy.  It is related to mental handicap and other clinical symptoms.

Prader-will Syndrome

A multi-factoral single gene abnormality.  Children tend to be obese and behave in a typical manner.

Spina Bifida

The condition arising when the neutral tube does not close fully during the embryonic phase but leaves an opening. These are various forms of spina bifida.

Fragile X Syndrome

A relatively newly identified genetic disorder which has been described as the most common inherited form of mental retardation.  Research has revealed that it is linked to learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, speech and language deficits, autistic characteristics, behaviour problems and also a broad range of levels or retardation.

Williams Syndrome

A genetic disorder, first recognised in 1961, present at birth and affects males and females. Most people with the syndrome have some degree of intellectual disability accompanied by medical problems and developmental problems.

Goldenhar Syndrome

A rare genetic disorder resulting in asymmetry of the body.  This disorder is still under research.

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