Appeal for Financial Assistance

This SPECIAL CARE Centre was founded in 1984 to address the seriously overlooked need of providing a stimulating environment for the profoundly mentally challenged children in our community. SPECIAL CARE children normally need very intensive special care and their educational process is highly specialised.

The past twenty years has seen this Centre grow subject to the support of the community and the manifest priority this type of institution receive from the authorities as well as from general community. When direct dealings with these children and their institutions are experienced the compassionate strings in every heart are certainly stirred. Everybody realise their great blessings when you see these children and they all feel they must do something to help. Unfortunately this conscience and awareness is very short lived if you loose contact with these children and their institutions.

The above is in most cases the reason why SPECIAL CARE and other similar institutions experience an uphill battle to finance this costly type of education. We are therefore compelled to run very exhaustive fundraising projects as well collection and appeal drives on a continuous basis. If you are serving the economically underprivileged your funding task becomes many times more challenging.

In spite of the constraints and challenges this SPECIAL CARE CENTRE has managed to acquire and adapt its own premises and vehicles to supply a consistent and unfailing service to the community for the past seventeen years. This is a testimony to the commitment of the institution, its organisers and supporters thus far.

Inflation and the spiralling costs are forcing us to extend our search for support and therefore we are appealing to you and your company to come to the assistance of Sherwood Park SPECIAL CARE centre to ensure the continued delivery of the vital service in the community.

The demand for this special care service in the community has left us with no option but to construct a specially designed school that will host between 60 to 80 pupils. This is the R4.5m project that this Centre is currently embarking on.

This application to your company for financial assistance to erect this major project is an opportunity that we are providing you to assist the cause of those mentally challenged children all communities.

We would appreciate a presentation meeting with you in order to answer any questions that you may have in connection with this venture. For any further information please contact the office at 021 692 3700.

We are looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely



     N.A. Galvaan

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