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Dear All,

Sherwood Park Special Care Centre, Management, Staff and Learners would like to say shukran to all, for their support in our 2011 Action Cricket Challenge that was hosted on the 17 September 2011.

We are thankful to all the teams that entered this year as our event would not have been such a great success without you.

We would also like to say thanks to our dedicated and regular sponsors for the wonderful support and fabulous prizes;

  • Parkdene Electrical – Ebrahim & Shiraz Flacks
  • Shell – Zameer Ebrahim
  • Hazeldene Builders – Abdullah Amardien
  • Mandalay Coatings – Yacoob Jacobs
  • Yatshisa Clothing – Craig Petersen

Our Winners for this year’s Challenge were:

  • Gold – Butterfingers Team – Captain, Abdul Brey
  • Silver – Royal Caterers Team – Captain, Saud Samaai
  • Bronze – Firecrackers Team – Captain, Sedicka Allies
  • Man of the Tournament – Altfe from the Butterfingers team with 51 runs
  • Best Dressed Team Award to The Red Team – Captain, Najma Jenkins

Below is the link to the tournaments pics loaded on our facebook profile.  Enjoy and thank you, shukran for your continued support and loyalty to Sherwood Park Special Care Centre:!/media/set/?set=a.1957468031039.78742.1672906114&saved

The letter below was written by an Action Cricket supporter to her team mates as a thank you for their support:

A Good day to all you lovely ladies

Trust you are all well and in good health.  I’m sure the legs & the bums must still be a bit tender but remember we won best dressed so that should at least count for something LOL

I just wanted to say shukran once again for supporting the Sherwood Park Special care centre.  See pic of the kids attached.  These kids are also a creation and a test for us from the Almighty so we have lots to be thankful for and I was truly proud to tell my friend Rehana that my girlfriends will be supporting this function.

This school is based in a community where parents cannot afford to pay for anything extra for these kids and it’s up to fundraising events like these that allows the school to make things more comfortable for the kids.

Charitable giving is strongly encouraged in Islam both as a means of purifying one’s wealth and in order to alleviate poverty and suffering.

The importance of charity was repeatedly underlined by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH3), who is reported to have said: “There is no person who does not have the obligation of (doing) charity every day that the sun rises."  Whereupon he was asked: "O messenger of God, wherefrom would we get something to give in charity (so often)?" To which he replied: "Indeed the gates to goodness are many: glorifying God, praising Him, magnifying Him, saying ‘There is no god but Allah’, enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong, removing any source of harm from the road, listening to the aggrieved, guiding the blind, showing the seeker his need, striving as far as your two legs could carry you and with deep concern to give succour to him who asks, carrying with the strength of your arms (the burdens of) the weak. All these are (acts of) charity which are an obligation on you." And he added: "And your smiling in the face of your brother is charity, your removing of stones and thorns from people’s paths is charity, and your guiding a man gone astray in the world is charity for you" (reported by Al Bukhari and Muslim).

May Allah reward us all Inshallah.

Take care


Sherwood Park Special Care Centre cordially invites you to our Action Cricket Day on Saturday, 17 September 2011 at the Montague Arena.

We humbly request you and your institution to contribute in one or more of the following ways:

    • Sponsor a Team at the of cost of R550.00
    • Sponsor Team Prizes at the of cost of R250.00
    • Enter your team of 8 at the cost of R550.00
    • Generous Monetary Donation

Attached please find the required entry forms and the sponsorship forms.

Sherwood Park Special Care Centre was founded in 1984 and has been providing the service of SPECIAL CARE to profoundly mentally challenged children in the community for the past 26 years. The Centre admits children from all denominations in the community based only on the availability of accommodation and the suitability of the Centre for their degree of handicap. Special Care education is highly capital intensive because of specialised equipment, multi-disciplinary professional services required as well as a low pupil teacher ratio. The 31 learners are in three class groups - nursery, junior and senior – with two (2) carers per class.

The need for funding at the Centre is enormous as it is supplying a service largely to economically deprived community. Sometimes these families must survive on the grants of the children. We are always in search of businesses, corporations and individuals who can help to sustain this invaluable service in the community.

We depend on you and your company to make this 3rd ACTION CRICKET FUNDRAISER a mutual success for the benefit both of the mentally challenged child and your company.  We trust that you’re strategically placed business signage boards and brand awareness articles will receive great coverage from the teams and we sincerely hope that your 8 man team(s) will triumph with success.

We will be filling the arena of 12 teams from 11h00.   The entry fee is set at R 550.00 per team and Teams can be registered with Rehana Flacks Tel: 021 692 3700 or 0786 199 877 or email:

The presentation of prizes will commence at 15h00. We look forward to your presence. 

Thank you for supporting this vitally important SPECIAL CARE UNIT in the community.

Anwaar Galvaan

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