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Today every member of society is unquestionably aware of the importance and absolute necessity of education because we realise that every child will sooner or later have to replace a retired link in society.   Therefore we exercise extreme care and place such a high premium on ensuring a high standard of education and the correct training so that each replacement in society embodies an inherent advancement in society. This ensures growth and can only spell prosperity for a society.

Formally organised educational institutions with professionally trained staff and the latest educational aids are employed to demonstrate our seriousness about education. Unfortunately even though these opportunities are within the grasp of some people, many may never experience it due to their mental retardation.

Mental retardation is caused by a variety of factors any of which could strike any family or member of society:

  • An infection or the intake of certain drugs by the pregnant mother.
  • insufficient oxygen during or immediately after birth
  • genetic disorders
  • physical injury etc

The agony of the realisation and the acceptance of the fact that your child is mentally challenged is a most traumatic experience and very difficult to acknowledge.

The parents may experience a sense of guilt because they may feel they have done something wrong or that they are to be blamed for the condition of the child. 

At this stage, this extremely vulnerable parent would be desperately in need of support and compassion as this could be a most devastating phase.

From this moment onwards all priorities and activities of the family life would be altered and directed by the condition of this mentally handicapped child.

Approximately 0.03% of the population is mentally challenged.  These individuals have their afflictions not by their own making or design, but they are the unfortunate victims of fate and circumstances beyond their and our control. If lucky, they are accommodated in a Training Centre, a Workshop or a Special Care unit. SPECIAL CARE CENTRES, like Sherwood Park Special Care Centre, care for the more severely mentally handicapped children with an I.Q less than 30.

It is in this arena, 30 years ago, where Sherwood Park Special Care Centre was born as an answer to the desperate call and the crying needs in our community.

Sherwood Park Special Care Centre, based in Cape Town, South Africa, care for the more severely mentally handicapped children with an I.Q less than 30


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